Tuesday, August 11, 2015

SOM Summary

In our journey to learn how to use the Spank-O-Matic machine, the most important thing was that some patience was essential.    We had some difficulty in finding a compatible compressor (but Paul did email saying that he might ship a free spare connector with his product to make shopping for a compressor easier).

Another delay came from the way phidgets uses .net as a pc to pc internet connector.    When that technology is employed for the remote triggering of USB connected devices, the success rate is high.   But when it fails, it can fail totally.   The most common reason is a firewall or two getting in the way, but sometimes even taking the risk of completely switching off firewalls might not work.

The use of TeamViewer10 was, for us, a complete success:  but carried with it the minor risk of allowing one partner total access to all the files and programs on the other partner's PC.   Still, if you are going to allow someone to ream your butt, your confidence level in that person should be high enough to accept they will not hack all your data files.

We found that actually using the SOM - once everything is set up - is also a learning curve in its own right.   There are little things like the compressor coming on at what seemed to an outsider to be quite random times to recharge the air tank.   It is not - whine/crack, whine/crack, but whine/crack, crack, crack whine/crack.crack whine/crack, crack, crack, crack sort of sound effects.   The whine is not excessive, but can be intrusive if conversation is ongoing during a whacking.

The standard model comes with a paddle - very thuddy and capable of leaving a lasting reminder of a session:  particularly if higher levels of impact had been used.   For more stingy cracks, you need a home made birch or even a garden cane to be attached to the arm:  you can jury-rig the assembly or use a connector manufactured to take most cylindrical handles.    Slightly disappointing was that switches, thonged whips and floppy paddles are not suitable:  the SOM arm needs to meet firm resistance.

Getting the right combination of implement and strength is not intuitive.   Very light swats with a birch are far, far stingier than harder ones.   You just have to accept both parties are going to have to test at different levels until the ideal effect is reached.

As a long distance machine, the SOM is perfect for domestic discipline and spanking for spanking sake sessions (2 uses that baffle vanillas) - but has some drawbacks as a device to initiate an erotic love making session.   Your partner is many miles away, and face to face contact is limited to what is achievable with a Skype session.

As a short distance machine, it is the most wonderful companion.   If your partner - for whatever reason - does not have sufficient arm strength or stamina to give an effective spanking, SOM can be fine tuned to give you one that either gets the blood flowing lustfully or brings genuine tears of remorse to your eyes.

The SOM is not a toy in the traditional spanko meaning.   It has the ability to seriously damage a bottom and needs to be treated with according respect.   Having said that, when used as part of a SSC scene, it is wonderfully effective.    The only possible drawback is that when your partner has one, you may spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing about your next upcoming session.   Which while a delightful preoccupation, may interfere with other real life activities.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The SOM Saga 8 - Not ready to sum up, yet

Today, I was going to put together a recap of what we had learned on our voyage of discovery, but then I learned we have gotten ourselves another opportunity to experiment tomorrow morning my time.   Her bottom is still a little tender, but not so as to postpone a chance like this.

So I thought we might include that upcoming experience to add to the sum total, and then do the recap.

But for now, my distant partner and I have to endure another toe tingling period of anticipation.   Hers, she tells me, has a faint hint of fear in it for she now knows it is going to be a session that "stings like merry hell".   But she really would not want it to be otherwise.

What a delightful dream to sleep on...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The SOM Saga 7 - Birched!

The first duty of a spanker is to fully meet the needs of the partner, before all other considerations,   A complaint I only recently learned about is that some spankers are such wimps, they cannot bring themselves to spank their partners "hard enough".

So - my partner has for various reasons a need to suffer an occasion "bad girl" spanking and, as yet, the SOM had only delivered ones at the harder end of a "good girl spanking".   The manufacturer, very wisely, had provided a paddle that could sting effectively.   But not savagely.

What was one to do?

Well, it is relatively easy to acquire half a dozen or so birch saplings that are relatively straight and about a meter long.   Ascending a tree with a knife in one hand is tricky, but if motivated enough any young woman could achieve in a satisfactory manner.

Turning half a dozen saplings into a birch rod is also relatively easy.   Half way along the bundle fasten them together with tape or ribbon.   Half way from that point towards what would become the handle, another encirclement of tape and ribbon.   And then to the very end to wrap four or five times around to make the handle itself.

The paddle is detached from the SOM arm by unfastening two bolts.   And the birch rod can be made secure using those holes and extra bindings around handle and arm.   It is generally agreed that the correct downswing for a birch rod is about a 45 degree angle to the ground - very easy to adjust the SOM to deliver at that angle.

Unless you want one hip to take a lot of the action, it is necessary to ensure that the partner being spanked is far enough from the SOM that all strokes land squarely on the bottom.   During the early light test taps, it seemed to me that my partner was too close to the SOM.   However, she was adamant that she was not and declined to make any further adjustments to her position.

And during those tests, a surprising discovery.   A test tap at 20% made her give a distinct, if subdued, squeal of pain.    That was not expected.

So to the main sequence.   Traditionally females faced a maximum of 36 strokes of the birch, and three dozen does have a nice ring to it.   But if 20% was wince worthy, 50% was more than enough for this first trial run.    And that was instantly obviously true.   She held the position of her bottom in place so that there was no risk of a stroke landing in a very wrong place, but her head constantly tossed and her curses and yelps were quite emphatic.   Furthermore, even through a grainy Skype tablet connection, the change from pale pink to quite red was easily discerned - and the crisp sound of swish and crack was a joy to a spanko's ears.

We had not attached the rod to the arm with any professional fixings, so it was not really a huge surprise when the arm and rod parted company on the 30th stroke.   And truth be told, thrity was probably quite sufficient for now.    She climbed to her feet with the demeanor of one who had been thoroughly chastised.   Examination revealed extensive marking to the buttocks - and to the hip.   She had been too close, and promptly vowed not to let that happen again.

We chatted for half an hour or so, while she put this latest beating into context with all priors ones.   It had not produced any tears, despite "stinging like merry hell".   But it was clearly on the "bad girl" side of the equation.

There were six left, and she wanted to try a modified position to see if she could keep the tips from bending round and hitting her hip.   Just six to give?   I set the level to 60% and delivered them one at a time.    The effect was definitely more significant, and she voiced painful noises of the ow! kind.

More than six at 60% was taken off our agenda.   That was not only likely to cause serious damage to her bottom, it would reduce the rod to a frazzle in no short order.   We have some more rods in reserve, but waste not want not is one of life's more useful adages.

The aftermath chat confirmed that the birch is a very painful implement, and would easily take over has giving her her worst/best good hiding ever.   So we agreed the terms of future sessions, and that we should wait at least a week for the bottom to become robust enough again to face some more discipline of a very sharp kind.

In sum, it is very possible to turn the SOM into a birching machine.   And in short, you should do so only if you know what you are doing, with a partner you totally trust.    The combination of SOM plus birch is one that could do serious harm to a pair of delicate buttocks.

Post Script - After 24 hours the marks have not started to fade, and are very tender to the touch.    Be warned.

Monday, August 3, 2015

The SOM Saga 6 - Thrashed

The test run took place last Saturday morning, and through external circumstances, the first thrashing could not happen until Monday  - or today, at the time of writing.   The anticipation was sweetly delicious and truly forecast how good the actuality was going to be.

The delivery angle of the arm had been turned to horizontal (a quick process) and she now bent over a rail to take the swats on the lower part of her bottom.   A quick set of short tests established that a full 100% stroke was well within her pain limits, and so I, one stroke at a time, delivered a long and thorough spanking.

After it was over, she was slightly breathless and was bright eyed not from tears forming, but from that excitement that comes from being on an adrenaline rush.   We discussed spankings in general and the one she had just received in particular - and I got to learn first hand the difference between a "good girl" spanking and a "bad girl" one.   She had just had about as good a "good girl" spanking that one could ever get.   But since the strokes were delivered at full force, the question arose if her SOM could ever give her a "bad girl" spanking:  should it happen that our needs coincided on such an ordeal being appropriate for her.

And then it struck her - on Saturday, a setting of 70% had stung more than those today set at 100%.   Was it possible that a downward swing, gravity assisted, was more intense than a horizontal one.

Only one way to find out.

The equipment was reset for a downward swing, and she assumed her horizontal position on the bed top again.

Towards the end of this session, her buttocks went into involuntary clenching that indicated they were real zingers.

And afterwards she told me that she had been given a sound thrashing.   A delightful thrashing that would occupy her thoughts until the next one was delivered.    But the bruises now forming on each buttock had arrived with not a hint of tears forming in her eyes.   We were still on the "good girl" side of the equation - but the wow factor had reached a new high.

Even though we had not gotten to  a "bad girl" spanking, we were well on the way to it.    We have one more day to see if we can reach that final target, before taking a week or more break.   And tomorrow is that day.

Incidentally, if your SOM is freely standing on a smooth floor, it can mover a fraction of an inch forwards on each spank.   Not a great deal, but it gets noticeable if you and your partner are set for some sort of mini-marathon.    A simple wedge cures it.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The SOM Saga 5 - Mobilzation

The first piece to fall completely into place was the discovery that TeamViewer 10 works perfectly on both machines.   When both PCs run the application, and the remote one has the correct temporary password for access, the person operating the remote PC is given a screen that perfectly mimics the host machine.   You don't have your copy of the SOM control panel - you have access to the one on the PC connected to the SOM itself.  So phidgets and tightvnc did not work for us:  no matter, the new application is spot on without any need to tweak any firewall.

The second piece was Skype could run in parallel with getting in they way of any other piece needed in our long rang spanking experiment.

We started in a voice only conversation - and having voice turned on seemed to make her more nervous than any threat of an imminent spanking.   Text is easy for all and sundry:  but voice to voice can make one feel far more exposed.   For those not used to it.

Now that I had control of the SOM, and she would get into a position where it would whack her, it was a task that took less than a minute to determine how strong a swing was that was within her pain limit yet strong enough to induce a wince.

Time for a full try out.   She switched on her video and assumed the position.   A slight pause, for I made her unassume it long enough for her to remove the protection her jeans were giving her.

I decided for this trial, I would simply let the automatic program give her 15 very firm whacks, and we could take stock of what they had done to her butt.    There is an initial fairly loud noise from the compressor as it fills the air tank - but then it  goes quiet until the tank needs reloading.   So for about 20 seconds the only noise was that of a paddle whacking into her bottom.  And then for short periods, the compressor whirred into action to re-prime the paddle.

After the fifteen she gave herself a mild massage, and told me that the first half of the test had been very successful.   She got back into position, and took a second set of 15.   And the markings on her bottom were very clearly visible to me through the wonders of Skype.

After about fifteen minutes she told me that the sting had faded to virtually nothing, but the after effect of the thud effect suggested there might be mild bruising in her near future.   A very, very satisfactory outcome.

So - a couple of observations for things that might be better for the next time.

She lay flat on the bed and got a downward stroke from the paddle.   Which worked perfectly, except that this position keeps the sensitive "underhang" of her buttocks completely out of risk of being smacked.   On promotional videos for the SOM, participants bent over a desk with a horizontal slap brought:  which brought that area of flesh into play, with suitable reactions.    She will experiment to see if she can set up the same position for herself for our next meeting.

I used the automatic screen and became virtually a spectator.   From now on, I shall use the manual screen so that each stroke is delivered when I decide, with the force that I think would be the most appropriate.   I might have her camera point to her face so that I can see how effective it all is.   You don't necessarily have to watch the color of a bottom change to know how much impression you are making on your partner.

And since TeamViewer 10 puts my mouse and keyboard as if they were connected directly to her computer, perhaps it would be wise to set up a separate account on that computer which has no access whatsoever to her personal files.   Not that she has anything to hide, and not that she has any reason not to trust me - it is just that I would feel more comfortable in an area that is devoted to one single task.   Oh - the application generates a fresh password very session - so getting access once does not give a key to go browsing any time one gets an itch to do so.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The SOM Saga 4 - Practice

So - image the position where you are sitting at your PC on one continent and your spanking partner-in-crime is sitting on another - and she is sitting by a perfectly good SOM, its muscles full of crompressed air.

Alas, the only way you can communicate is through one of the various text message systems.

You have every hope - and it is a realistic hope - that you will gain control of the SOM control panel so that you can give her the perfect spanking from such a long distnace.   But for now, all you have is instant text.

Well, if nothing else, it seemed like it was a good time to test that the SOM would work properly.

The whole reason that the submissive partner wanted the dominant partner to take control of the SOM was that she was such a wimp, that no form of self spanking was conceivable,   Given a direct command to operate the SOM, and she would obey it to the letter,    But she was not going to formulate that command herself - because that was just self spanking in disguise.

To the practicalities of carrying out a test session.   When you are on the "manual" screen of the SOM, the power of delivery is on a % scale - and as a side effect you get to learn what PSI the muscle is using.   On the "automatic" screen, the setting is in PSI and a scale gives you some hint, but no precision, as to what that means as a %.

My thought was to give my partner a set of figures to enter into the automatic screen and with one push of the button, a full session of blistering would ensue.   But early days require some caution:  the machine has the capability of inflicting serious bruising: so  we needed to move gently up the scale.

Rather in the manner that happens in my tale "The Punishment Program", I sent a specific set of figures for her to type into the automatic input boxes.   And we turned the PSI down to a reasonably safe level.   The whole spanking was encapsulated into one set of instructions, and six of the best looked like a reasonable start.    She typed in the figures I gave her, got into the ready position, and on my command, hit the Start button.   She reported a couple of minutes later that she had been given six very gentle pats on her bottom.  My initial guess at the right level of PSI to use had been way low.

At least they were some sort of spanks.   And she had pressed the button when told to.   Not a satisfactory end to the test, but it all made a promising start.

We were definitely making some sort of progress, and things looked as if they could only get better.

Friday, July 31, 2015

The SOM Saga 3 - Disconnected

The SOM2 comes with a feature that makes long distance cooperation possible - the SOM2PC software allows one partner to send commands to the second partner's PC in order for it to deliver one or a set of spanks, even if that second partner should be on the opposite side of the globe.

To get the SOM2 software to work, you have to install a free widget called phidgets:  which actually handles the P.C. to P.C. communications.  The SOM panel on one partner's screen sends a "message" through phidgets, which transmits the message onto the host P.C., which then carries out that command.

The network screen on both machines is identical:  you enter an ISP of interest, a "passphrase", indicate whether you are the host or are connecting to the host.   And that is it.   To slightly confuse the issue for a few moments when first entering this screen,  is that a dummy ISP is already displayed:  you have guess that you need to type the real ISP over the top of it.

Then you press the "connect to host" button and after ten seconds or so you might get an error message which means the host said the electronic communications equivalent of "Sod off!  I'm not interested"   (Not the exact words, but that is what they mean in human terms).  Which is exactly what happened when we tried our first link up.

Many, many, many experiments failed to remove the error message and allow access.  

Research suggested firewalls might be to blame.  Both computers had the SOM2PC and the phidgets added to the exceptions file.   No change.    The firewalls were switched off on both machines,   No change.

So - Both machines had the extremely efficient but not without risk TightVNC software downloaded onto them.   One partner would be able to actually take over complete control of the other computer: hence the risk element inherent with this solution.

And then something significant happened.   Trying to connect using the TightVNC   resulted in exactly the same sort of error message.   Perhaps it was not software, but a hardware problem, that we faced.

A chat with an IT specialist seemed to be in order, and an appointment was duly made.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The SOM Saga 2 - Hosed

Assembling the hardware that makes up a SOM is "a doddle" according to one end user, and really does not need the on-line video to show you how to do it.   All up and ready in no time at all.

However, the SOM2 is powered by an air-compressor.  This gives a more swing than an electric motor, and allows for far finer tuning of the power of any one delivery.

The machine does not come with an air-compressor:  that you have to buy yourself.   This should be no biggie for they are not expensive pieces of equipment.    Since you are more likely to use your SOM indoors than out, you are virtually driven to get an electric air-compressor which will definitely keep costs under control.

All you have to do, is connect the hose pipe attached to the SOM to the socket in the air compressor.   The instructions that come with the machine contain this gem of a useful bit of advice: 
1         Incoming air line.  Pressurized air provides the power for the SOM II system, and comes to the head unit through a thick black rubber hose with brass fittings permanently attached to the head.  This hose ends in a male quick connect fitting that mates to the female fitting supplied on most compressors or available at hardware stores as “industrial” style.  International owners may need to seek out fittings that match up appropriately.  Attaching a quick connect pair involves pulling back the collar on the female, inserting the male firmly, and releasing the collar.  The fitting should lock together making an air-tight seal.
What this really means, after some lengthy experimentation is that American air compressors come with a clip, or collar, that readily connects with the SOM2 hose, but if you get an air compressor in a foreign country, you are very likely to be out of luck. So American consumers need not worry unduly.

But an air compressor is an air compressor and there just has to be some way to make it fit a SOM, isn't there?   Not necessarily.   The first air compressor had the SOM hose swirling about quite freely.   A helpful web site suggested a coupling device to act as a bridge between the two.   Despite the diameters appear to fit the couplings parameters, air still escaped at a rate to stop the paddle arm getting enough to flex its muscles.

The second air-compressor - purchased locally - fared no better.   A trip back to the shop revealed that neither of the first two air-compressors could ever have worked with the SOM - the respective specifications were totally incompatible..   C'est la vie.

The third and final purchase of an air-compressor was one that fitted perfectly.   A simplistic test run of this third purchase showed that the only real noise came from blasting some air into the SOM for the next paddle stroke, and that that noise was considerably less than a paddle slapping a butt with any degree of real sting.

Incidentally, when testing the SOM without a paddle, only the lowest settings should be used.   Part of its integral structure, the SOM needs a stroke to come to a definite stop to prevent internal damage:  which is why you should not use a light whip or switch as the implement of infliction.

Still - we now have a SOM2 set up in a private part of the house, and its muscles flex readily with a supply of air pressure.  Nothing else could go wrong.   Or could it? 

The SOM Saga 1 - Blocked

If you are physically separated by double figure time zones from a potential partner, the likelihood of mutual play of one sort or another seems somewhat daunting.   Unless, of course, one partner has - or can acquire - a Spank-O-Matic 2 (aka the SOM).

The concept is delightfully simple - one partner sits at a local P.C. console - taps an icon on the screen to hand, and then in a different continent, the SOM delivers the precise intensity of whack to the rump of the second partner - the intensity that was just decided by the first partner

But it is a voyage of discovery.   And some potential interesting moments on the way.    The American manufacturer of the SOM dispatched a discretely cardboard carton to Europe and a few days later it arrived in a Customs warehouse a few miles to the East of London.

When it arrived there, a Customs officer could have been heard asking, in the local argot, of the team: "Here, what is this?"    He received a circle of shrugs by reply.    "Here, what is this?" (or the equivalent phrases in email terminology) was addressed to the eager would-be importer.

The only way around the impasse, it was agreed, was a face-to-face encounter.   "Yes, but what does it exactly do?" was the question eventually posed.   The officer listened to the reply with a remarkable stony face, and his nearby colleagues studiously took on the air of those who had not managed to accidentally eavesdrop.

"Right," said the customers office with a certain twinkle in his eye.  "I shall deem that this device is a personal massager.   That way you will not have to pay any import duty on it."    There was a pregnant pause.   "But you will, of course, have to pay V.A.T."

There was an exchange of cash from one party and the box from the other.    The SOM was now ready to go to its new home.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

.The right angle

Allowing for minor variations within each position, there are precisely six different positions that a person who is about to spanked can assume, and the most significant variation is the angle the legs make with the torso,

The first pair of positions is when there is no angle at all between legs and upper body:  the victim lies flat on the floor, flat on a bench or even flat on a table.   One variation has the legs together, and in the other, the feet are shoulder width, or more, apart.    Video buffs will recognize this position as being favorite of the Russian video producers:  flat on a bench or upright at the whipping post.

Now, there are two main areas of the bottom which get spanked:  the "meat" that is the center of each buttock, and the "under-hang", that area that lies between the crease at the top of the thigh, and the meat above it.

In this first position, whether legs are apart or not, all the spanks will land squarely on the meat of the bottom.   To all intents, the under-hang is effectively taken out of play, except for random strokes from an extremely flexible instrument.   Which is why this position is possibly less popular in real life than it is in some movie studios.

The second position is when the thighs are at right angles, or thereabouts, to the upper body.  This is the automatic position assumed by someone across a knee, or standing to lie atop a desk (or even the back of a buggy cart).  And in this position, both meat and under-hang are both readily available to whatever implement of choice is being used.   The whole of the bottom, from cheek top to cheek base is open to chastisement - and the legs together or apart simply increases the ability to land slaps on the more sensitive area of skin that lies towards the very center of the bottom.   When the cheeks are splayed, the flesh on the inside of each cheek turns slightly outwards, increasing the chance of each yelp being substantially louder.

And finally, we have the position when the angle is substantially less than 90 degrees.   In position 2, the head was level with the backside, now it is considerable lower.    The easiest way to achieve this position is "touch your toes" or its American counter-part "Grab your ankles".    But there are variations, including the simple kneel on a chair and put your hands on the floor.   One film studio has a spanking bench with a hole in its center for the head to be poked through - an out of the ordinary but quite effective manner of achieving position number 3.   And the diaper position is a variant of this, save the person being spanked starts by lying on their back.

The act of assuming position three flattens the under-hang to such an extent that for all practical purposes, the meat becomes largely irrelevant.   The under-hang has become almost the entire target to be punished.   The aftermath of paddling videos, particularly those that replicate school paddlings, end with buttocks thoroughly bruised from top of thigh to just under the meaty part of the buttock.   And this is the whole point of a touch your toes caning as well - the welts will lie across the lower, more sensitive part of the bottom.   Not only does the position make the penitent take the most submissive posture readily available, the punishment is slightly more effective than that received in position 2.   Again, legs together or apart simply increase or decrease the amount of central area flattened to be part of the target area.

As a spanking author, you will be able to engineer your characters into which ever position your plot suggests, and your only issue is how much time you will devote in your narrative to describe what the assumed position has done to make your victim more accessible to the torments, or pleasures, to come.

If stuck for a new plot motif,  you could try a spot of reverse engineering.   By whatever method, start by choosing one of the six positions.   And furniture, implement, clothing.   Then try to work out how these two came to be in this exact tableau and work outwards to what started it and what happened afterwards.   That she is stood spreadeagled at a T frame to have a dressage whip applied to her rump suggests all sort of plot devices than those that result in her touching her toes awaiting for a rattan cane to reduce her to tears of pitiful remorse.

Not a cure-all, but one tool that you should have in your writer's bag, and understanding the anatomy of the six basic positions will avoid you describing an impact that simply could not have happened in real life.